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Mould removal company 

Note   These surfaces were cleaned and not redecorated

Mould removal from surfaces and air, low cost  and most importantly, independently verified results! Providing landlords and employers with cost effective solutions to mould, its  odour and legislative compliance through British Standards! 


We guarantee that mould will not grow back if you have fixed the water or moisture issue.We don't do drying or repairs because we only specialise in mould removal. 

Nationwide licensed contractors

We have very special products which require training and competence to use properly. We only supply companies that have undergone thorough training in our products so that you can be sure of guaranteed results 

What we do and why its different

We follow international guidance and remove mould from both the surface and the air we breath.
You will be amazed how our technicians will simply wipe away surface mould and will improve air quality by removing spores within hours. Disruption is minimal and most projects are completed in a day
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