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Training we provide

We don't just train you on mould removal. The subject of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) includes surface contamination and mould removal but increasingly the air we breath is  seen as the major health and safety  factor. The World Health Organisation (WHO) and all medical opinion recognises the importance of reducing the inhalation risk and this now forms part of legal requirements in the UK.

In this photo we are showing how to look after yourself when leaving a contaminated enclosure.

If you can't look after yourself you won't look after me!

Air sampling for mould

There are now so many companies undertaking mould investigation and proving contamination but does their evidence warrant action. When supposed "Experts" provide detailed lab reports with Latin names and coloured graphs does it actually mean anything?

The answer is any fool can buy an air pump and send a sample of to a lab for analysis but what do the results actually  mean?

We are increasingly seeing unqualified often incompetent  contractors proving why a building is contaminated or clean but their report is absolutely worthless.

The client will invariably allow total gutting of a building for no other reason than an unsupported opinion.

We show clients how to interpret or identify  junk science and how to make reasonably qualified assessments and more importantly ask relevant questions. 

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