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Client information

Client information

Most will understand the legal obligation to remove hazardous substances from surfaces and air decontamination. Unfortunately the word decontamination usually attracts a premium cost  when it simply means cleaning. Historically decontamination has usually meant using protocols and procedures which are slow, and costly and invariably require rip out, repair and redecoration after the decontamination.

One of the major issues faced by the client  is the requirement for contractors to prove decontamination and this is usually met with a blank stare or the proposal for worthless and usually expensive testing.

Contractors trained and certified by Hazmat Response will provide fast and economic services with stated goals and targets with  independent third party verification and all at an affordable cost.

Rip out and redecoration are avoided wherever possible and the air will always be cleaner than normal ambient (outside air) following the air cleaning process

Mould removal from visible accessible surfaces is almost instantaneous and different application techniques can usually accommodate interstitial cavities and voids.



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