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How it works

The Goldmorr system is a state of art decontamination protocol for surfaces and airborne contamination.

The product was developed by industrial chemists specifically for decontamination of anthrax in USA government buildings. The technology has been tested by US government defence agencies and a diluted version is used in our products.

The decontamination process revolves around removing and eliminating the contaminates rather than the historic approach of killing contamination such as mould or bacteria which leaves harmful residue.

The Goldmorr process is simple to use after training

Hard Surfaces

The penetration of surface and substrate contamination using nano  technology. This process uses  an electrostatically charged wetting agent to carry an oxidising agent onto and into the contamination. In most cases surface contamination will disappear in minutes. See photographic evidence

Air Cleaning

When surfaces have been contaminated the air is always contaminated too and the second step uses another nano technology to remove the aerosolised contaminates. The process utilises colloid chemistry science and this is where a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed insoluble particles, is suspended throughout another substance. In this case dirt in air. A 3 bedroom house can economically have the air cleaned and decontaminated in less than an hour with  verified results to recognised standards  achieved a few hours later.


Soft furnishings and porous materials can be cleaned (mould removal) by simple spraying and wiping and results are almost instant

The site must be unoccupied during the process as operatives must wear PPE

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