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Insurer benefits

  Insurer benefits

Mould is increasingly seen as a major health issue and CDM 2015 has been a game changer. There is now a recognised duty under COSHH and CDM "Phase Plan" to reduce surface and airborne contamination to lowest practical levels. This in practice means where skin and respiratory sensitisers, asthmagens and possible carcinogens are involved. The requirement is regardless of contract cost. These contaminates are known to involve mould, bacteria and fragments, mycelia and dust (particulates) Mould and biological amplification is accepted as occurring within 48 hours of water damage and you can imagine the dust created from the use of dehumidifiers and fans used to dry buildings.

The HSE have recently imposed fines on contractors of £2000 for using a broom instead of dust control.

Historically contractors have used HEPA Negative Pressure Units (NPUs) to filter air but we can show and duplicate HSE results on the failures of this protocol. Installing NPUs is almost a waste of money and invariably you will find them covered in dust in the workplace. The products and protocols we provide to trained operatives are used across the world by leading insurers to prevent , reduce or eliminate mould and contamination issues.

We used these products in fires and floods and salvage surfaces, contents and make safe the work space in compliance to legislation. We provide training and indeed published CPD approved courses on relevant water damage and air cleaning decontamination protocols.

Of special interest is the cost and speed of decontamination and legal compliance, it takes less than an hour to decontaminative a three bedroom house and verification can be same day. There is no need for critical barriers or usual controls excepting access during the process. Imagine legal compliance, salvage and mould prevention all in one operation and the likely cost savings?

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