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Mould nonsense

  Mould nonsense


Mould is a very serious health hazard to some people depending on their age and state of immune system, the type or species of mould and their genetic make up. This generally means perhaps 10 to 20% of the population may be very susceptible to some of the toxic moulds which usually grow over long periods.(weeks) Many of these moulds are below detection levels in outside air but flourish in damp buildings.

Having said that, this leaves perhaps 90% of the population who may not suffer the same health consequences of the atopic population.

Detailed decontamination can cost 10s of thousands of pounds for the atopic population but using our products costs can be below £1000 and provide damage limitation and legal compliance too.

The issue for claim managers and stakeholders is how do you know who and which mould is present, is it toxic is it very harmful and are those exposed at risk. You could of course bunch everyone into the highest risk group but the cost would be prohibitive.

The answer is it assessment and this takes training.

Currently the UK has seen the emergence of "Mould Experts" who buy a mould measuring machine and air pump and send surface and air samples  off to labs for spore counts. These reports are almost useless.

Being useless this is a serious risk to the client who thought they were complying with legislation and of course the policyholder. False negative or positives are equally costly.

Hazmat Response provide training on how to assess reports,  lab analysis and risk criteria

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