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Air scrub

Air Scrub

This revolutionary product was designed to clean and decontaminate the air by using  hydrophilic droplets which capture airborne contaminates and removing them by precipitation in minutes.

The process can be used on building sites to comply with HSE dust control requirements or decontaminate homes from mould, VOCs, odours and other contaminates like soot and asbestos fibres* (* Subject to licensing requirements)

The process to   decontaminate a 3 bedroom property takes minutes and precipitation takes a few hours.

 The process removes particulates ranging from .3 to 10 micron, which is the most hazardous and likely range.

The process uses a minimal amount of solution (about 1 to 2  litre for a whole house) and using simple fogging techniques we develop 40 micron droplets. These droplets have low surface tension and engulf airborne particulates and using the laws of physics, the airborne contaminates conglomerate. A second fog with a little  water causes the contamination to become too heavy to remain airborne and it precipitates onto horizontal surfaces. 

Horizontal surfaces can be covered with sacrificial polythene or will form a soluble film on surfaces for simple cleaning off or sealing (locking in) .

The product is used for detailed decontamination especially in intrusive deconstruction works typically in CIRS (mould health issues) and sensitised occupants of buildings.

Airscrub is a major breakthrough in  the  control of dust in the building and restoration  construction site where UK and European contractors must by law control dust and reduce typical irritants and sensitises to the lowest practical level. (see section on UK law and CDM -COSHH requirements.

Third party verification evidence is  available on site and full training is available and a requirement prior to use and supply.

We also have a network of contractors to provide the service.

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